Lego Millenium Falcon

Box containing Lego Millenium Falcon set

It has been some time since the last post. The reasons are many, most of them bad, but I just haven’t really had anything to write about.

That has changed now, though. I would like to share my summer holiday project: Building a scale model of the Millenium Falcon in Lego!

The box

I am no genius. The model is a pre-packaged building set from Lego, complete with an assembly manual. But it is a rather large set, which the box would indicate.

This is no set for beginners. Lego has rated it as 16+, and it contains about 4,500 pieces! It is officially the largest kit to be produced by Lego.

As for the model, its final dimensions are 82cm x 57cm x 23 cm, which is huge. The set also comes with five lego figures (Luke, Leia, Han, Chewbacca and Obi-Wan). They are ordinary lego figures, and they are almost to scale with respect to the model, which should also give an idea of the size of the model.

The assembly

AssStructural Skeleton of modelembling the model took more than a week. That was, however, not concentrated building time, but real time. In total, I guess I spent about three or four days on building the model.

In the usual Lego way, the first thing built is the skeleton of the model. This is not that fancy, just a sturdy cross to add all the other stuff onto. After that, all the plating comes on, which gives the model it’s looks.The falcon is about halfway assembled. Some plates are attached

At this stage, I realized that I had made a small error a lot of steps back. That resulted in having to carefully tear the model apart. The Lego building style has a lot of locks that ensures that the pieces stay together, and doing any modifications requires a small amount of carefully applied violence to the model. Luckily, Lego is a rather forgiving material, allowing for slight bending, so the errror was corrected without problems.

Except for that one mistake, the building process went smooth, and plate by plate, the model started to take shape. It was really fun to watch how small Lego bricks were combined to give the illusion of intricate mechanical equipment on the surface of the model. And it was a really great feeling when the last plate was added to the model.

The only thing remaining at this stage was to find a place for it in my room, which is a bit cramped, but having completed the assembly, that doesn’t seem that bad.

Final model


I took a lot of images during the process. Instead of inserting them all into this blog post, I will just link to picasa, where they are all on display. I apologize for the quality of the images. They were taken with my phone, which doesn’t have the greatest camera in the world.


Building this model has been a really great experience. It is also the masterpiece in my collection of Lego Star Wars models, that also include 1:12 scale models of a X-Wing fighter and Darth Waders tie-fighter (X1 prototype). On the other hand, it is a bit sad, as I will probably never find anything to top this when it comes to Lego, but I would still recommend it to anyone who are interested in building Lego models. That is, if they can get their hands on the set, as it appears to no longer be on sale.