Ubuntu 10.4 on Lenovo X61t: Success

Despite my earlier misconceptions about the whole upgrade procedure, it seems that it went really well. I used the following procedure

  1. Make a full backup of my home dir. This includes all hidden (dotted) files
  2. Reinstall from live-cd (With new partitions, the old ones were ext-3)
  3. Copy back documents and other important files, like ssh keys
  4. Install a minimum of programs in order to feel comfortable
  5. Make the tablet work agan
  6. Make rotation work

Making the tablet and stylus work

This was a real pain, as the configuration method has been changed again. In order to configure the stylus, we now have to edit files in


specifically the  10-wacom.conf file. The good news is that the familiar syntax from xorg.conf is back, and even more so, it seems to be staying.

For more information about the configuration, look at thinkwiki.org. The page is about trackpoint configuration, something you would want to do anyway, but the section about xorg.conf.d is the one that gives a hint about the process.

My specific configuration needs were:

"TPCButton" "on"
"Button2" "3"
"Button3" "3"

in order to prevent the stylus from sending clicks when the tip isn’t touching the screen and map the single button to a left-click.

Rotation support

The tablet can be made to rotate automatically when the screen is swiveled. In order to do this, I needed to fetch the sources from the tablet-screen-rotation-support branch of the Tabuntu project.

In order to compile the source on my pristine system I had to install


And when compilation and installation was done (as per the INSTALL file), I had to manually create the acpi event listeners. The specific event strings for the swivel events can be found with

sudo acpi_listen

And for both events, you need to run


With that done, all that remains is to bind the rotate button to the


program that was also installed. Fortunately, this can be done with the gnome keyboard shortcuts manager.

…It even looks like compiz behaves well when rotating the screen 🙂

All in all the most satisfying clean upgrade I’ve done in years


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