More about window managers

As a response to my last post, it seems that I have found a way to save just a
few more of my desktop pixels, specifically by removing the title bar of my

The Ubuntu Netbook Remix is a collection of packages that, together, creates a
desktop environment more suitable for small screens. These packages can,
however, be used out of their intended context to make the title bar

Specifically, by installing the packages window-picker-applet and
maximus, I can get the characteristic maximized windows without title
bar, as well as the title bar in my gnome panel.

maximus is a small program that forces windows to be maximized and (I
guess) removes their title bar in the process. window-picker-applet is
the gnome panel applet that shows the open windows as icons, as well as the
title of the current focused program.

For those interested, the application launcher that replaces the usual desktop
is provided by the package netbook-launcher, and the whole remix can
be installed with the package ubuntu-netbook-remix.

A small note on the launcher: It competes with nautilus in drawing the desktop, so
anyone looking to use this (I don’t use it) will want to prevent nautilus from
drawing the desktop by setting /apps/nautilus/preferences/show_desktop to false in their
gnome configuration, either using gconf-editor or one of the command-line tools.


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